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Happy New Year to you all! (Happy New Century too!) 

This year has all the right vibes for a fresh start. As with all New Years this one brings promises of new hope, optimism, change, success and fulfilment. I liken a New Year to having a beautiful new notebook with crisp blank pages, a chance to leave the old behind and find opportunity to start our story anew, brining a new chapter or novel where we can set things right. 
My advice is, start the year on a positive note. I like to think about all the accomplishments from the year before , big and small,  count them all. It helps if you’re an avid journaler like me as you can flick through the literal pages of last year and see all the accomplishments, as even in the most difficult and challenging of times there will have been wins. Some really trying days a win could simply be I made it through…. By putting our minds in a state where we can consider the good things we are allowing our brains permission to use what I heard referred to…

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