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Harvesting Lavender - What can I do with it all?

Harvesting Lavender - What can I do with it all? 

If you have been watching my stories on Instagram this week you will have seen me harvesting a large amount of lavender. I actually cut this all back at then end of September and its had the whole month of October and a bit extra to try. (usually needs around 4 weeks) In case you missed how to fry it , let me share the process with you again here. 

You cut the lavender with long stems (but not right into the woody part of the plant or you won't have any for next year!) 
I take some natural twine/string with me and some scissors so I can bunch them as I go (this saves time later)
I take a good handful of lavender for each bundle, tie all the stems together leaving a long tail of string. This tale is needed because when I bring them inside to dry I hang them up on a string washing line, so I tie the tails to the string line so they can hang down. This allows the air to circulate and stops them going mouldy.
Mine get hung on a make do was…

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