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Natural Home Cleaning - Why and How

Natural Home Cleaning - Why and How
Today's biog post I'm sharing some of my top tips, learning's and recipes for natural home cleaning.

I personally made the decision that I really wanted to eliminate harsh chemicals from being able to get into my families bodies , I really wanted to reduce the amount of plastic waste I make and protect the environment, by considering what chemicals I wash washing away into our water systems. In doing this I have embarked on a journey of research (I just love to learn new things),  had loads of fun being an alchemist at home (I'm slowly creating my own recipe book) , saved myself a ton of money,reduced my plastic consumption dramatically and feel a lot healthier for it. With all that said I also have a fresh sparkly clean home that's safe for my family, making us all happier and healthier. I am one of those (possibly) strange people in life who really enjoys cleaning ( I know there are lots of us out there really!) But even if yo…

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