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House Plants - Revisiting the benefits and meeting the new.   Last summer I shared a article with you about the benefits of house plants and some of my collection. Only starting my house plant collection last year it’s been a real learning curve but they have brought a lot to our family home. I remember telling you that my blog is one to help inspire us all live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life and house plants would help do that. 
Let’s recap .............Emotional and Mental Health Benefits.  Spending time in nature , looking at plants and flowers both inside and outside has for a long time been recognised as a peaceful moment , engaging the senses and telling the brain to be present and mindful in that moment. Whilst the practise of being mindful can be undertaken during almost any task it been shown in recent studies that being with plants verses say using a computer will significantly reduce stress levels. (One Study Source) Mental health and mindset. Setting ourselves goals t…

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